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Posted by Jim Sener on June 1, 2018 at 9:33 AM

Welcome to the IDEAZ blog! Our mission at Ideaz, is to create meaningful products and experiences that improve how people Live, Work and Play. We are excited to debut our blog where you can join us as we share news, technology, tips, and information on product design, engineering, marketing and related subjects. Please join the conversation!

Who is IDEAZ?

We are a team of product designers, mechanical, electrical engineers, graphic and web designers that share a common goal – to have a positive impact on you, your business, and your customers. Take a moment to meet our team.

Why Are We Blogging?

Product development is evolving faster than ever before. Advancements in artificial intelligence, 3D printing, Internet of Things (iOT), new materials, and new ways to employ technology - it’s important to stay informed, relevant and vigilant. With over 19 years of product design and engineering experience, and our names on over 50 patents, we know a thing or two about product development and wanted to have a dialogue about it with you via our blog.

We will all touch on how we work with clients, what their challenges are, and ways we help them grow their business.

So, after some pondering, we thought it’s a good time to share our expertise with you and help you navigate the world of creating new products.

Who Is This Content For?

If you are wondering who our blog is targeted for, it’s anyone who loves new product development, engineering, technology, and who have an interest in how quality product design can positively affect our daily lives – and build businesses.

Our Mission is to ‘design how people live, work, and play’. These three areas define our areas of focus. Improving the way people live their lives, making people’s jobs better, and helping people have fun too! This is what we’re all about.

Topics We’ll Cover

In addition to being a place to share and converse, we’ll also share tips and best practices topics like:

  • How to reduce risk when developing a new product
  • Improving time-to-market
  • Why process and creativity are essential to successful NPD
  • Immersive Research
  • And more!

We invite you to comment, share, and ask questions on our upcoming blogs. Stick around as we embark on this journey and subscribe here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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